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Sometimes it can be difficult to attract the type of people with whom you'd like to spend your time. Sure, you meet many different individuals, but often they just aren't the type you can imagine as a close friend or potential mate. This is especially true if you are shy and make most of your acquaintances by people approaching you. But how do you make sure the right person is drawn to you? Sometimes meeting your new close confidant or Mr. or Ms. Right is as easy as picking a fashion styling that reflects your personality. It is important to remember that your clothes speak for you. They reflect your lifestyle and interests. When people first see you, they see your choice of fashion styling. Often, the way you choose to dress reveals to others your personality and lifestyle. When you go to a party or networking event, people see what you are wearing and unconsciously try to figure out if you are the type of person they would like to be around. You may also find yourself drawn to certain types of people and not know why. Often this is because their fashion styling is speaking to you on an unconscious level. If you are outgoing and full of excitement, preferring to go out to parties and be around people, wearing brighter clothing with interesting patterns and wild accessories can often draw other people with a similar lifestyle to you. Conversely, if you prefer to stay at home for a quiet evening a choice of fashion styling that may draw similar people to you are more neutral colors with simple but eye catching accessories.

The most important thing to remember is to occasion dress to reflect your personality and what feels comfortable to you. Often a quieter person will feel uncomfortable in the fashion styling of someone louder and more outgoing. This will also make it harder for a quieter person to feel at ease. When you look uncomfortable, people will be less likely to approach you. If you want to go to an event and attract attention, it is important to keep your own lifestyle in mind. Think about that shy person again. To draw attention he or she does not need to dress in wild prints. Often a carefully chosen, eye catching accessory against a less busy outfit is enough of a conversation piece. Even better if this accessory has a story behind it; making it not only a great piece to look at, but a terrific ice breaker to introduce your interests and lifestyle to a potential friend.

That being said, it is important for you to choose a fashion styling that compliments your natural beauty and does not overshadow you as a person. Jennifer Butler points out, "how many times have you been complimented by someone saying they liked your outfit or the color of your blue prom dress rather than complimenting you?" This means your clothing or accessories are overpowering you and what you are about. It is harder to be memorable for what you are saying or your lifestyle when your clothing is doing all the talking. When choosing an outfit and accessories, make sure they reflect who you are yet still leave some room for you to tell the rest of the story yourself. Remember, the best compliments are on how you look as a whole. The next time you go out to a party or social function; remember that you can meet people who share similar interests and lifestyle traits as you do. Dress in clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Wear outfits and accessories that reflect your interests and who you are. The people you meet will appreciate your honest fashion styling which helps them understand you and your lifestyle. With the proper attire, you may be able to meet your future partner or new best friend.





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